KALE! Random… but Pertinent

Once a week… surely I can post to the blog once a week.  Insightful and inspiring, world-jarring prose that will make you laugh and weep in the same breath.  Or maybe some recipe samples and/or a picture if I learn how to post one.

Recently on a grocery shopping trip to the ‘hood where I like to buy my discount groceries for a house of seven mouths I ran across two huge bushels of Kale for something ridiculous like $2.  Whatever the cost it was cheaper than any of the other greens around that I am use to like lettuce and turnip greens.  I’m NOT an adventurous eater but the hubby will and has eaten anything and everything.  This is at the same time a source of great joy for me and well as a source for great agitation.  Its great because I can make anything, create any recipe and he’ll taste it and without fail eat the entire thing without even asking what it is or even looking at what is on the spoon.  Its bad cause he will eat anything offered by anyone, anywhere without asking what it is or even looking at what is on the spoon.  So I get to experiment but I also get to hear about how he gained five pounds this week and has no idea how.

So back to Kale.  Heard a ton about it, have never tried it and not big on veggies at all but even less on more expensive ones so haven’t had a chance to try to throw it in with the dozens of healthy diet foods I make for the hubby while trying to keep everything as tasty as possible so the kids will eat it to.  Online researched the health benefits and this green mess is a super-duper food.  I was amazed by all the benefits and now I’m excited to cook it up.  The WWW says its like greens, which I love to cook so I also have some ideas on how to prepare it.

Tasted a tiny piece raw and its got the slightly bitter taste of mustard greens but in a crisper way like fresh spinach but in a  more textured and interesting looking package. Great! Let’s sauté this baby up like I do the spinach and add some yellow squash (the kind that taste like corn when its cooked up) and serve it with some freshly caught fish my husband got from a coworker and brought home.

Here’s how I do Kale:


1      bushel of Kale (about six cups chopped)

1      yellow squash

½     small yellow onion

3      garlic cloves

½    tablespoon of butter or margarine


1      teaspoon of olive oil (healthier)

½     teaspoon of ground pepper

        Salt to taste

        Dusting of cayenne pepper seasoning if you like spicy



1.  Dice ½ an onion and place in large skillet with butter (or olive oil) over medium heat. 

2.  Clean squash and length wise down the middle and do the same with both halves until you have four long pieces.  Place these side by side on your cutting board and slice ¼ inch thick quarters and stir in with your onions.

3.  Use a garlic press (or mince by hand) three garlic cloves and add to skillet, stirring the onions and squash frequently to even cook.

4.  Rinse your kale!  Chop or cut leaves into ½ inch strips discarding the large stems.  Add to the skillet on top of squash and onions.  Add pepper and salt on top of kale and stir.

5.  Add a tablespoon of water to the skillet and cover for three to five minutes.

6.  Remove the cover, stir and remove from heat.




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