Bad Mommy… never sent out the photos.

The monsters in their angel disguises.

The monsters in their angel disguises.

School Photos…these are  already haunting me with neither of my babies in school yet while my 17 year old son tells me 10 hrs before his school pictures that his school pictures – as in year book forever picture that gets shown on the television special when you become famous or infamous – pictures are in the morning.  Not caring that he needs a hair cut and a pressed shirt.  School Photos is going on my list of things I wish didn’t exist.

We took these photos over six months ago and my poor baby boy was six months old and staring at the camera lady who resembled the skeleton puppet from Tales from the Crypt so we never got a smile out of him.  Haven’t hung up the gorgeous big print or sent out a single wallet or 5×7 to any of the dozens of people who would have loved them six months ago. Now the girl looks much the same but the boy looks like a curly haired NFL rookie midget at 13 months  which makes sending them out now pointless.  So I need to go take more pictures. Yeah… booooo.   But if nothing else these got a blog post!




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