Jealous Much

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is PREPARATION. -Arthur Ashe

I love this quote because I prefer a well planned out ANY and EVERY thing, preferably with many contingency plans.  One could say that I may over plan or plain plan to death anything I’m responsible for. (I think you can classify that somewhere in the control freak drawer.) But when I get to sit back and be a spectator I’m a completely go with the flow, lets see where this is going; cause if it turns out bad, its on the person responsible and if it turns out great, I got to enjoy the ride. But would I call that my success?

Does that mean free spirit, devil may care people never find success?  I guess I would call success with no planning luck.  Or if I’m going to be totally honest we can wrap it all in a cloak of “jealousy” at finding success while I was looking for a pen to write down my “PLAN” and call it a day.

I wish luck and success to all.  Firm in the knowledge that anybody else’s success or luck does not diminish my path… merely lights it.



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