Let’s Do This

What do you do when you’ve got a dozen things to do that will add up to 10 hours of work and one hour of EVERYONE is asleep time to do it?  You do a half dozen things piss-poor and thereby waste the one hour you had to be productive.

I got a whole lot half-done today.  Nothing to be proud of.  Wouldn’t call it shameful… I tried!  But did I give it my best effort?  Saying I did would be admitting that I can not do what I need to do to get to where I want to be.  Saying I didn’t means I’m slacking, or have ADHD, or don’t want to succeed.  I’m not okay with any of these scenarios.  Mostly because that means this is going to be way harder to fix than me just plain o’ deciding to do things differently.

I’m a big girl and I believe I’m in control of thoughts and my actions. I OWN THAT TRUTH.  Master of my domain and all that.  My domain being my mind, my body and my actions. Lord knows I have very little control of the chaos around me.  But what I do, what I commit to; that is all me so there is no blaming anyone.

That’s the facts. Master of my domain.  Accepting that as a truth; then I decide to DO BETTER.  I’m a smart girl and I can make this work.

  • Do now and procrastinate later.
  • The goal is PRODUCTIVITY.
  • Finish what I start… start to finish.
  • If it is not efficient, its not working.  Fix it.
  • Use the list.  Trust the list.  Clear the list.
  • Scheduling in print on the calendar is the ONLY thing I know for sure works – Do It.
  • Make time for myself or I’ll go crazy.  CRAZY Mom/Wife = family apocalypse.
  • Grace is in the Giving. I know in my heart this is true.
  • Prioritize and CRUSH IT!

All right! 

(picture me jumping up and down, side to side in the style of boxer before a fight)


(picture me doing five jumping jacks and five on-the-knee girl push-ups – I DON’T EXERCISE)

Let’s do this.

1am Blog Post – check that off the list.



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