Day 4 – In what ways are you being perceived, that you’re not aware of?

I don’t know about this one. Seems like a trick question. And if there was ever a chance to over think something it would definitely be when you are answering life altering questions and posting them to a potential million person audience. (or 20 person audience depending on what date in the next ten years you are reading this blog)

In what ways am I being perceived, that I am not aware of?

I would say I’m pretty good at reading people. Being engaged and present in interactions with people. Always observant and responsive to reading their body language. Truly listening to their words and hearing what they are saying as well as what they are not saying. I’m so confident in these skills that I’d be shocked if I was being perceived in a way that I was not aware of.

I’m not a fan of the unknown. My personality type does not find anything liberating or exciting about whirling (or sitting) through life letting whatever happens, just happen. I don’t have to control everything. I’m a realist and I know can’t and refuse to stress and worry about what I can’t control.

But what things I can control or influence I like to have a good handle on. How people treat you is closely tied to their perception of you and. Not on the person you are or how you deserved to be treated but simply on their perception of the person you are and the standard to which they hold the type of person they have labeled you to be. I like to be treated with kindness and respect so my actions and words project and expect that.

I’m much less concerned about what people think about me as I am with how people treat me. A lady walks past me on the street and thinks my confident stride reeks of conceit; I couldn’t care less. That has no effect on my life. The guy who works at customer service and thinks I look like a woman who is going to use a lot of cuss words to return a broken coffee maker; I’d prefer his perception be that I look more like a woman who can fit at least six pleases and thank you’s into a purchase return. That has a some effect on his life as this is his job but also an effect on my life though obviously smaller.

People I deal with on a more personal and continuous level would know the real me. There is no agenda or fakery with me. No putting on airs or different personas for different situations or audiences. I want everyone to be happy all the time but at the very least be happier in any moments that involve me. Any
time spent and I’d like to think any interaction ends with a perception of a generous, clever, amusing woman who cares enough to connect and enrich the lives of anyone she encounters.

Please let me know if this post gave a different perception to you! All comments welcome.  I’m incredibly interested in what and how people think and I’d love a peek inside any thoughts provoked.



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