Day 6 – If You Acheived All of Your Life’s Goals How Would You Feel?

This is actually a two part question.

If I achieved all of my life goals how would I feel?

How can I feel that along the way?

I am a little discombobulated at the moment.  My immediate response to the first question was a tiny gasp of something akin to horror.  My brain seized up and got stuck replaying the phrase “What the hell would I do then?”

It’s hard to explain this odd reaction to basically all your dreams come true by achieving your life long goals.  Imagine your life was dedicated to achieving your goals and you achieved all your goals. Does that mean that now it was time to retire? Forced to think about it I felt how someone must feel when they’ve worked for GE for 50 years and they are forced to retire.

Have you seen the movie “Friday Night Lights”?  Reading the question I felt like the running back in the movie “Friday Night Lights” when he had to clean out his locker after he was told he couldn’t play football anymore.  All tears and snot bubbles, wailing “What I gonna do now?!?”

Start the clip at 2:00 minutes to see exactly what I’m talking about…

Well, duh.  I’m going to calm the heck down and when I finish with this spaz attack I’ll just set some more goals and get to working on those.

When I read the second question I had to reboot my brain.  It must say something about my personality that I completely bypassed the euphoria of having achieved all my goals and snatched fear of having no purpose out of the air and clung to it.  Seems like I should commit to some psychiatric analysis with the proceeds of my first best seller.

I know I’d be ecstatic if I achieved all my life’s goals.  That means wonderful things happened for all the people I care about the most because almost everyone of my goals is centered around them.  I’ve always gotten great feelings from working towards my goals.  But how I could be ecstatic about the work when I’m not guaranteed the results?

Working in the “believe it to achieve it” frame of mind I venture I could technically borrow some ecstasy along the way since I truly believed these goals were going to be achieved and my ecstatic state was as good as mine.  I could… if I trusted that “believing” was enough or even half of what it took to achieve goals.   I feel great about working hard and staying positive as I strive towards my goals.  Feeling right now the same as I would when I had finished my life long goals sounds crazy to me.  Like living on a credit card of joyful feelings I hadn’t earned yet.  I’d much rather pay cash, thank you.  My accomplishments that move me towards achieving my goals are quite enough for me.  I really do enjoy the work.


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