Day 7 – What did you learn today? Who did you love? What made you laugh?

A three-part question, huh? I’m trying to not re-read the 35 questions since I embarked on this challenge but if the 35 questions is actually more like 100 questions I might have to block more time for this every middle of the night.

What did I learn today?

I learned that it is time for me to take a break. It happens periodically. Maybe twice a year where I just have used up all my patience and compassion and just want to tell everybody they can go jump off a cliff. And I mean everyone. The guy who knocked the chips off the shelf at the grocery store and looked down at them and kept walking. My teenager who called his teacher a “snitch” in class today when some other kid got sent to the principal’s office (really??). All one year olds who have learned this high-pitched scream that I imagine must be what a dog whistle sounds like to dogs. Just every one… off a cliff. Metaphorically.

This isn’t good for anybody! Ever heard the saying “If momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy”? In my house everyone knows this to be true. Momma is usually happy but I haven’t been taking care of myself. Too many projects, too many late nights, no breaks. Obviously if I go on 5 hours of sleep EVERY night for months eventually something is going to give. So its time to give myself a massage appointment. Right on to the To Do list. Number 43 – make and keep massage appointment.

Who did I love?

Despite my lowered mental capacity today, boy oh boy did I love up on the babies (3 ¾ year old daughter and 16 month old son in the smallest bearable measurement of age for non-parents). They are with me all day every day and though they drive me utterly insane they are also incredibly beautiful and funny and all the best and worst parts of me in these little huggable packages. Plus my grandma is here visiting and she is a super sassy 77 year old version of me so she’s been getting love all day too. In between all the messes and screaming and cleaning and cooking (the kids, not the grandma) it’s been a love fest in here today. Not too different from any other day.

What made me laugh?

Oh my goodness… if you could sit in my living room and listen to my grandmother’s stories you’d cry laughing. She’s so funny. Such a spitfire. And she’s hit that age where she can do or say just about anything she wants and you just have to take it so with no limit she is really too much to handle in the best way possible. I can’t wait until I get that age.

My cousin is getting married this weekend and handsome man that he is all tall, dark and athletic with the light eyes the ladies love. Well he has found him a, by all other accounts, plain, average looking wife but my grandmother just will not stop about how she looks like a big o’ strong man. In describing her she pointed to my 6ft 4in ex-linebacker husband and said she had shoulders like him and could move this couch all by herself if she wanted to. It’s like having my own comedy show every night she is here. It really is just such a blessing to have a day that is Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom and Daughter all together so I’m enjoying this immensely.


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