Tread Softly

I’m not that big into poetry.  I tend to over-think things when left to use my own imagination to build a backstory. Or worse (in my mind) not go deep enough and just don’t get the emotional connection to some words unless I know the emotional journey of the person who wrote it.  Lacking that I’m forced to lay the poetry over my life experience and see if it fits anywhere and then it becomes more work than pleasure and I’m over thinking it again. But there is a quote that I find quite poetic and has profound meaning to me.  And I say poetic because it evokes such a strong emotional reaction in me with so few words.

“I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” –W.B. Yeats

As a writer, or creator of anything, we pour ourselves into building things that when done correctly force some kind of response out of others.  This can be as simple as a smile or as complicated as unexplained tear; but we want something, THE thing we were striving to evoke in someone.  And when it doesn’t, it is heart breaking.

Do they know that they are holding your dream.  You took it out of the secret place you hide it and softly handed it, your baby, to them, and… nothing.   Maybe you are on your 100th broken heart and this time is just another day but maybe its your first broken heart and you don’t know if you will survive.

Well… you will.  And hopefully you’ll put that beat up heart out there again and again until it is just the toughest little muscle in your whole damn body.  Then no one can break your heart and you write… or paint, or sing, or dance, or crochet, or sculpt, or whatever it is you do… and the people who get it will get it and the ones who don’t go oblivious to how they missed out on what you gave them.


One comment

  1. You are right Mrs Kadala, NOTHING can stop you. Keep chasing your Dreams, and enjoy the Chase, it really is the best part of it all. P.S. your husband is honored to have such an AMAZING dedication.


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