The Daily Show and the Sad Truth

The sadness and fear that lives in me as the mother of an 18 year black high school student who is oblivious to how the real world works is almost debilitating.


One comment

  1. Hello Chantelle! I have a 33 year old Latino son so I understand the fear -especially when he was younger. But we can’t blame it on them for not accepting the world they live in is a menace to their integrity when we have constantly instilled in them that this country offers the “American Dream” to anyone who dares to go for it.
    As parents and as Americans, we have to wake up to the reality -that the “American Dream” is only for a group of privileged individuals who work hard at taking it away from the rest of us. Latinos, African Americans and all minorities, we need to claim our seat at the big table!


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