About Me

Hello world… there are a million reasons to blog but for me there is just two, so far:

 To write.

To read what others are writing.

I endeavor to have people connect with me and what I have to say and share;

but even more the hope is to connect with what other people have to say.

An inspiration cycle.

As for “About Me”… I’m a writer so I guess I’ll get to writing. I’d actually like to see you try to stop me.

My story is a long and detailed one that I’ll write one day but this is how it starts.

    Once upon a time, a beautiful little girl was born on an Air Force base in the deserts of California to an alcoholic, drug using, abusive dad and a naïve and delusional mom.  One day that daddy threw his one year old princess against the wall for crying too much and as the naïve mom watched the blood pour down her baby girls face she wizened up real fast and cracked that man in the head with an iron cast skillet.  She picked up her bleeding princess and her three year old prince and left that man, never to return.  Thus begins the story of me, the woman with the scar on her face and a cycle to break…


… After almost 20 years working my way up in an administrative support career I most recently was employed as an Executive Assistant at one of the most notorious banks in America.  I resigned when working there, for the person I had been assigned to, literally started to hurt my soul and I’ve been at home for over two years now with my babies who at the time of this writing were 1 year old, 3 ½ years old and my first born 17 year old high school junior.  I do it all, and gladly.

My priority is and always has been being a great mom.  Not the most fun mom, or the hottest mom, or award-winning/nationally-recognized mom.  Just a great mom; loving, teaching, sheltering and nurturing these freakishly amazing kids on their path to become world-changing, god-fearing adults. And this stay at home stuff is no joke as you can tell by the job description on my SAHM Resume page in the header.

The Babies

My loves are my kids, my husband, the Raiders, reading, and COOKING.  I really, really like helping people, getting a great sale price, almost all animals (but especially dogs) and watching people enjoy food I cooked. And I also enjoy watching UFC/MMA, my one month at Uriah Fabers Ultimate Fitness (doing kickboxing was a great release for me), traveling, driving fast, horseback riding and shopping but way less of any of those is happening after the second kid.

My Handsome Hubby

To the point of all this: My PASSION is writing.  And I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m demanding of myself that I find time to do that.  As much time as I can.  And if I’m smart I’ll find a way to combine my loves and my passions and life will be sweet harmony.  In that vein you can visit my cooking blog at ****www.MakeItTastyBlog.wordpress.com**** where I get to WRITE about COOKING… harmony!


You’ll find me opinionated, kind-hearted and full of life-wisdom so I’d love to connect with anyone.  I’m not one to suffer fools (as in I will ignore pointless or negative interactions) but I love a good debate more than most and truly enjoy seeing how people express their feelings about things they are passionate about. Please note that you will also find me completely illiterate in any technical aspect of computers or programming; so don’t ever ask me about that unless you want an answer you could get yourself from Bing.  But I have a pretty broad base of knowledge otherwise.



  1. I love proof that rough beginnings can have smooth endings. It sounds like you are grounded and happy and finding at least a bit of time for yourself. As a fellow mom and teacher, thank you, thank you for being a great mom.

  2. She is so much more than a GREAT wife, and mom. My wife Chantelle is truly the most AMAZING person on this planet. I hopoe that she knows that I feel this way about her.


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