Freelance Writing – My Work

Blogging is fun, but to feed the kids I am a Freelance Writer and Copyeditor.

In no particular order I invite you to read some of my latest published freelance writing assignments.  I take great pride in being able to write an a widely varied set of subjects so I’ll highlight a few in different subject areas.

Comments, corrections and questions are welcome but praise and referrals are MOST welcome.


BUSINESS: LinkedIn, No-Hassle, Small Business Marketing

FAMILY:  Effective Boundaries for Your Teenager – a How-to Guide

CAREER:  5 Tips to Being an Invaluable Executive Assistant

FOOD:  Sacramento Vegans – Eat Here and Be Happy

BEAUTY:  Eyebrow Tweezers Guide – The Best Pluck for Your Buck

SHOPPING:   Black Friday Game Plan

BEAUTY:  10 Best Makeup Brushes for Your Entire Face



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